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  • Water Tech Home Service - Have Your Pool Cleaner Picked Up From Your Home, Diagnosed and Returned. Without Ever Leaving Your Home!!!!!!!

    Have Your Pool Cleaner Picked Up From Your Home, Diagnosed and Returned, Without Ever Having To Leave Your House.

    1. Box up your pool cleaner with the power supply and your contact information. (We cannot do a complete diagnosis without your power supply. If you choose not to send in your power supply, we cannot guarantee that the repairs we make will correct all the problems you are having if you have additional problems with your power supply.y....
    2. Schedule a date you would like UPS to pick up your pool cleaner from your home.(allow 1-3 days for pick up. We should received your pool cleaner in 2-5 business days )
    3. We know how important your pool cleaner is to you and as soon as we receive your unit we will start the diagnostic process, and call or email as soon as we can give you the diagnosis.
    4. Receive an estimate for repairs. Decide if you would like the unit to be repaired before it is returned. Or possably negotiate a trade in.
    5.  Fee Includes: Two way freight plus bench fee. No additional fee will be due unless unit is repaired.
    • $99.99

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