1. Solid Winter Covers do not allow sunlight, water and debris to entire the pool. For above ground pools, they are secured to the pool by a cable that you run though grommets and winch tight. For inground pools, you lay water tubes through loops that are made into the cover. This type of cover usually requires the use of a pump, siphon, or air pillow to get rainwater and snow melt off the cover.
  2. Leaf Nets are typically placed over solid winter covers. You can remove just the leaf net to clean the leaves while leaving the pool covered with the solid cover.
  3. Mesh Covers allow water to seep into the pool and filter leaves and debris from getting into the water. This type of cover has a fine weave and can be used instead of a solid cover.
  4. Safety Covers are available in Mesh and Solid Vinyl covers provide protection for children and animals. These covers are held in place with anchors that are sunk into your deck.

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